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Most social relationships involve the concept of giving and receiving. Whether it's giving time or giving gifts, giving is the gesture that helps cement relationships and creates memories and fondness between people. However, giving gifts can also be considered a subtle art: if you go overboard with expensive gifts, it can seem as though you are trying to win over friendship or possibly guilt the receiver into doing something for you.

Not Sure What to Buy For Your Girl Friends?

The trick is to find something that isn't too extravagant or too cheap or too common. It should be personal enough to mean something to both of you but not flimsy enough to be replaced or thrown out within weeks. It also shouldn't be a common household item, like a lamp or a mug (unless your friend loves lamps and mugs) and it also shouldn't be additional junk to gather dust in, like wall clocks or typical gift paintings. Arguably, most of the gifts that are on display in gift shops are actually just trash that the receiver may acknowledge for the moment, only to put it away and never see it or use it again.

If you don't have any idea about what your girlfriends would like, jewelry is usually a safe option. Unfortunately, jewelry itself has a large collection to pick out from. Rings and bracelets usually need to be customized to fit and might not even be a universally loved option, especially for ladies who aren't used to wearing accessories on their hands or do work that can be made difficult with these accessories. The same could be said of earrings; not everyone has their ears pierced, so unless you've got a friend who is planning on getting piercings, earrings should probably be put off the list too.

The Safest Gift to Get

The safest piece of jewelry would definitely be necklaces. One size fits all and it can be easily personalized with customized lockets. Great for formal wear and casual wear, easily adjustable into just about any style and outfit, necklaces are a fantastic gift that can be really easily incorporated into the receiver's life. It's like giving them a piece of yourself to carry around with them everywhere. 

It's important to purchase just the right kind of necklace. The quality needs to be of a good standard, considering the friction and exposure that necklaces get, so artificial jewelry that rusts or blackens easily wouldn't be a good choice at all. While some people out there are good at polishing jewelry and making it sparkle and look better than brand new, investing in something durable would be worth it and make the gift an overall much more appreciated gesture.

Convinced about what you'll be buying your girl friends this year? Look no further than Statement Made Jewelry and order in customized gifts for your entire circle of friends! Whether you're looking for unique charms, engraved pendants or photo pendants, you can find it all here in one place. So what are you waiting for?


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by Kanra Khan

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by Kanra Khan