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Sweat Lock Disposable Hat Liners

If you can’t go out without your caps, you definitely understand the annoying feeling of accumulated sweat stains under the brim and on the cap’s lid. Excessive sweating during hot summer time leaves you cap stinky, greasy and dirty. Instead of throwing it away, simply choose one of our Sweat Lock Disposable Cap Liners to stay fresh and cool all day!

So what are Sweat Lock Disposable Cap Liners? These brilliant liners are the products from Sweat Lock, LLC, a company that prides itself in bringing new technology and techniques to how we treat ourselves as well as our belongings. The company was founded when Jermaine A. Kidd, a self-starter and successful entrepreneur came together with Danielle Capizano, who was an alumnus of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Realizing the need to protect ourselves from the damage of the sun as well as the desire to keep our caps protected from dirt and sweat build-up, Jermaine and Danielle thought of bringing to life a product that can keep cap wearers cool and protect their beloved caps at the same time.

A durable cap liner designed just for you

Made of 100% certified ProCool material, our ergonomic and dynamic Sweat Lock Disposable Cap Liners are designed to bring down your body temperature while maintaining a comfortable and unnoticeable feeling. Simply place this magical liner inside your cap and enjoy a whole day of exercising or playing sports without becoming annoyed by the excessive sweating. 

Moreover, Sweat Lock also wants to ensure that these cap liners look as good as they feel. There are white, navy, red and black colors and logo color options to choose from, so you can stay cool and fashionable at all times. The design also includes tabs that fold onto the outside of the hat showing the logo and providing extra stability to its adhesive. Furthermore, each of our high-quality liner will last anywhere from one to four months depending on the extent to which it is used. You no longer need to throw it away after using it for just several times. 

Protect your valuable caps with Sweat Lock Disposable Cap Liners

The liner also protects your cap from dirt, sweat, makeup or even salt stains. You just need to peel the wax layer protecting the adhesive, and then attaching the disposable liner to the inner sweatband of your cap before placing the cap on your head. 

Initially, we intended to have this product replaceable every couple days or so. However, with our special adhesive, we have created a product what wicks away the moisture protecting your cap and thus will stay in place longer. With Sweat Lock Disposable Cap Liners, you can now extend the lifespan of your everyday cap or your valuable collectors’ edition caps without having to replace them so often anymore.

An everyday item that all cap lovers need

With our free shipping on all orders, there is no reason why you should not get one of our disposable cap liners now to protect your cap! Let them be a part of your everyday lifestyle whether you are active or simply hanging out on a hot day.


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by Fiona Mai