The Ocean Vibe

The ocean is ours to protect. It’s up to us, now more than ever before, to take action to save it. That’s why the founders of The Ocean Vibe have set up an online shop with the purpose of raising both funds and awareness for the protection of our seas.


Saving our sea creatures

Too many marine animals are under threat from commercial fishing, habitat degradation and destruction and global warming. And the situation is only getting worse. To combat these perils and to raise awareness of the fragility of marine habitats, The Ocean Vibes offers a wide range of fun, fashionable and fish-friendly merchandise.


The Ocean Vibe’s unique products

From hooded blankets to boots to bedding, there is something for everyone to show off your love for the ocean. There are even car seat covers, socks and, of course, t-shirts for men, women and kids. When shopping with The Ocean Vibe, you are taking immediate action to save our seas.

All products are custom printed with unique, bright, colourful marine-themed designs. There are plenty of options for supporting all your favourite sea creatures, including sea turtles, killer whales, dolphins, seahorses and even jellyfish. By investing in The Ocean Vibe’s beautiful marine life wares, you can help spread the message and raise awareness of their plight. With each purchase, you can really do something to make a difference.


Ethical choices

Your choices say a lot about you. When you shop from independent, social-conscious retailers, you declare your choice to live consciously. You declare your choice to contribute to improving our world. So, when you choose to shop at The Ocean Vibe, you make an ethical choice to help in the fight to save the oceans.

However, in the face of such a vast challenge as protecting and preserving our seas, you may find yourself becoming discouraged. But don’t doubt the difference small acts can make. Your choices can and do make an impact.


The Ocean Vibe is your ethical choice

Every time you choose to shop consciously, you send a message that ethical retail should be the standard. Every time you shop from The Ocean Vibe, you reaffirm your belief and support in the effort to save our seas. Every purchase from The Ocean Vibe is an immediate, affirmative action.

Your purchases from The Ocean Vibe directly contribute to larger efforts. The team at The Ocean Vibe are 100% committed to their cause and donate 10% of their net income to the Ocean Conservancy and the Sea Turtles Preservation Association each month.


Who you and The Ocean Vibe help together

The Ocean Conservancy is one of the great protectors of our seas. Through supporting The Ocean Vibes’ efforts, you can also support the Ocean Conservancy’s research and advancements in science-based solutions for a healthy ocean. Moreover, you can also support the Sea Turtles Preservation Association’s very urgent mission of helping sea turtles survive. Every time you shop with The Ocean Vibe, you can feel good about your purchases knowing you’ve made an impact.


The Ocean Vibe

The Ocean Vibe is an online shop that is all about championing the needs of our seas. It’s a socially-conscious platform with a mission to promote protecting our oceans from today’s global challenges. Together, we can take action and really make a difference.