The Tribe – Urbanito

I don’t know about you but personally, I believe that a pair of good shoes must be chosen with lots of care, taking in consideration a number of aspects which I will do my best to detail below. 

Our everyday life is so hectic sometimes that having a pair of functional and comfortable shoes is something we mostly take for granted. In the lines below, I will briefly outline some criteria on how to choose your best pick and make you a suggestion that entails them.

On the run

Let’s talk about tight schedules, timetables and impromptu meetings. Let’s talk about a day in which you are out and about doing chores. Solution? Finding the middle way ( not philosophically but in real practice here) which means to shop for casual elegant type – sportswear that could make your feet happy – yet not lose the looks. 

In my shoes

In the case you are still looking to find your ideal pair, please do not settle for less than THE ones that allow your feet to breathe, that are light to carry around and hey, never forget about being chic even when you are on the run! 

Are you ready?

There is a wise saying that goes like this – “give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world”. Are you ready for this challenge?

Personally, I have to say that I have experienced moments when being in the wrong shoes made me completely miss the moment, made me irritated and basically made me misuse the opportunities that were ahead of me. I mean, let’s face it – who can think of anything constructive when their feet are on fire? Nope- not me…

My solution for you

So, let us recap a bit here – on a day to day basis we must agree on the fact that we might be on the run, we might have unexpected encounters, we might have to stand for long hours and all these should consist of enough reasons as for making it a priority – comfortable shoes are a must!

Therefore, we must find the time, the budget and mainly the focus on finding the right pair(s). They should be casual but elegant, light and breathable, that could work with sweat pants or with a suit. I believe you've got the picture. 

Urbanito Line of Shoes

Fashionable, functional and comfy – I invite you to check out the Urbanito line of shoes. This might be the long searched for answer to your needs. Keep in mind that you have a responsibility for your feet (as many times we forget we are owing them so much and without which we would be stuck and inoperative). And remember! The moment of recognition will be so glorious that you won’t want to know anything about other shoes ( a bit of a true love thing hehe). 

Enjoy shopping!