Tribe Wallets

The tribe wallet, unlike anything ever seen before or even thought of by many for that matter, is inevitably the best upgrade a wallet could have. It sure doesn't look like a wallet. Not only is it looks different, but also some can even believe it as a sophisticated James Bond spy tool. 

Well, it is for sure a sophisticated design for a simple tool, that is a wallet. But it also functions as per its complexity. It sure is pretty amazing to look at, but its performance is nothing short. With all that I know about this money-keeping-beauty, I can say that it is the safest way to keep your wealth in your pocket. 


What makes it so SAFE?

With the tightly knit band of obviously high-grade material and the aerospace grade aluminum/steel body, it safely holds all your cards together and keeps them intact while even facing a tremble. 

The aerospace grade aluminum, which is the aluminum used for aircraft does sound a little too much for such a tiny thing, doesn't it? So we clearly see that for the protection of fortune of its valued customers, Trible Wallets is willing to reach out to touch the blue skies. 

RFID Blocking technology

What more can a wallet probably get, apart from the upgrade of its security? Here is where things get particularly interesting. RFID- for your information, stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. 

Let me not get very technical about this but in simple words, the information present on your card after swiping it someplace can be obtained by anyone by the radio waves from the labels on the cards. 

To avoid this, the Tribal Wallet has come up with security for this too! The RFID blocking technology has been installed on the wallet. 

So now you can buy tomatoes at your grocery store without worrying about being robbed on the spot… well done, Tribal Wallet. Your dedication to people who value safety knows no bounds. 

How slim is it? Really

If you've read till here, you probably will deny the fact of the number of times you scrolled up to see the beautiful wallet, but we both know what is really true. So, you've definitely observed its sleek design, no question about that.

But how slim is it? Leave the dimensions alone, let's not bother them. If I'm precise, it would be as slim as an iPhone 7! Unlike the old traditional wallets which are usually at least five times thicker, these can fashionably slip in your back pocket effortlessly. 

Apart from its size, its unique design is sure to get people to take a second look at it while you pay for your shirt in a shopping mall. 


A couple of options here

Not a big fan of the color black as you see on the one above? Nothing to worry about.  Tribe Wallet isn't very dull on its taste of aesthetics either. There are other options for these too. Some of the best ones are Aztec Gold and Silver Edition, not to mention, the Rose Gold. 

I don't really see why you're still here. What're you waiting for? 

Join the Tribe!