Ty Shee Zen, Cat-shaped Footrest. Emotional Design.

William Morris once famously said, “Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” In the 21st century, why not insist on both? Practical items, created with care and emotion, can easily play both a useful and aesthetic role in your home. The creative design of the Ty Shee Zen Cat-shaped footrest does the job of brightening up one of the more difficult areas of your home to decorate: the bathroom.


The Practicalities


The design of the Ty Zen Cat may be stylish, but it also solves a real problem- in the most elegant way possible. The unpretty truth is, today more than 20% of the population are regularly constipated. As what happens in the bathroom is normal out of sight and out of mind, this problem is rarely addressed. Doctors, physiotherapists, and midwives all agree that a simple alteration in your sitting position can actually make all the difference; the 90° angle (the normal sitting position) is detrimental and can cause constipation. If you lift your legs however, mimicking a more natural squatting position at a 35° angle, then you will create the perfect colon alignment and your uncomfortable straining will be history!


At a height of 20cm, the Ty Shee Zen Cat is the perfect thing to rest your feet on while using the toilet. It corrects your position and allows for a more natural process. Once you’ve tried using the toilet with the aid of your new friend the Ty Shee Zen Cat, you won’t want to ever go back to that uncomfortable 90°.


The Beauty


As well as the important role that the Ty Shee Zen Cat could play in your life, it will also add style to your home. Many families who have tried the prototype agree that it doesn’t have to be confined to the bathroom. As a beautiful and carefully crafted piece of art, you could accessorize just about any room with the footstool. It could be used to rest your feet on while spending a comfy day on the sofa; it could double up as a toy for your child to befriend; it could even stand alone as a sculpture in your garden.


If you do opt for placing your Ty Shee Zen Cat outside, the design makes sure you have nothing to worry about: The piece is completely sun resistant and the colors are ingrained in the product rather than painted on to avoid fading. What’s more, the footstool is made from high-density polyethylene, so it is highly durable- you can definitely feel at ease giving your new feline friend an outdoor home.


The Added Extras


Both stylish and practical, this piece also serves as an ode to one of humankind’s greatest loves: the cat. We worshipped them in Egyptian times, and little has really changed- this feline figure is perfectly at home in the modern interior and can be rightfully displayed in pride of place.


Initially thought up by two firm friends, Laetitia and Geneviève, this design has since been realized, and crafted with love in France. Using 3D printing, the prototypes have been created using vegetable plastic making them entirely recyclable, so you can be kind not only to your body, your décor, but also your planet.