WagPress: Clothing And Accessories For Dog Lovers

As apparel for dog lovers is nowadays only one click away, it is now easier than ever before to find a suitable piece of clothing or accessories. Out of the large number of brands in the market, the latest trendy store called Wag Press has become an outstanding choice for many dog owners. Here are the reasons why.

No two dog lovers are the same

You know how special you are as a dog lover when:

  • You love them deeply but not insanely. Squandering money on bridesmaid dresses for your dogs or hiring event planners for their birthday party never occurs to you. Instead, you fully understand that your besties can sense love from simple gestures such as gentle touches and genuine compliments.

  • Knowing that a dog’s life span is only one fifth of a human’s, you are more than willing to celebrate every moment spent with your bestie. You are proud to be identified as a dedicated dog owner and to be seen wearing dog-themed apparel or carrying dog-related items that make you stand out from the crowd.

  • You love to dress yourself and your bestie up in apparel that has cool and not-too-cheesy designs. To you, simplicity and style often go hand in hand.

Clothing and accessories for dog lovers like you!

If you tick all three points above, Wag Press, the trendy one-stop store for dog lovers, is the missing piece you have been looking for!

For those who love simple yet elegant designs, rather than cheesy ones, Wag Press is the answer. Moreover, while similar products from other brands tend to wear out quickly, ours are manufactured from high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. Whether you wear them at home or outdoors while playing with your dogs, clothing and accessories from Wag Press guarantee style, fit and comfort for you and your bestie.

Best-selling apparel for dog lovers from Wag Press

Wag Press boasts a wide variety of clothing, with designs ranging from simple silhouettes to fun graphic art that cater to all types of dog lovers. Dog owners with a taste for simplicity and fun should certainly have the paw-feet socks from Wag Press on their list. This cool pair comes with cushioned bottoms, offering maximum comfort while ensuring a stylish look. You can wear them for any occasion and during any activity without having to worry about slipping over.

If you believe in the subtlety of love, choose simple and stylish pieces of clothing with silhouettes of your dachshund, bulldog, cocker spaniel or other popular breeds. If you love your bestie so much that you want to shout it out to the whole world, apparels printed with “Dog Mom” or “You’re not drinking alone if the dog is home” are ideal statements for you to showcase your personality.

Wear your Wag Press apparel with pride

Remember the love story of Roger and Anita from 101 Dalmatians? Fate won’t just bring a soulmate to your doorstep, you must go looking for that right person yourself. With cool and fun prints on your Wag Press tees, tanks, dresses or sweatshirts that showcase your personality and love for your dogs, finding that perfect soulmate (or friend) becomes that much easier.