WildWood EyeWear

I love my pair of WildWood EyeWear for its versatility! 

In the City

It looks great in the city where it is casual and trendy enough for daily wear.  The wooden frames give it that sleek look while the colorful polarized lenses show how fun you are.  It literally matches with everything – that's why I love it so much.  Just think of how cute it'll look with a pair of jean shorts.

When Traveling

When I travel to destinations where I'll be living in hotels and from a suitcase instead of a hostel and from a backpack, it's nice to pack trendier sunglasses, especially when you know it's a hip and modern place.  Wildwood EyeWear works perfectly because it is light enough and the case that it comes with is strong enough for me to stick this in my checked bags, where items can't be as fragile. 


When I go backpacking, I usually leave behind expensive looking jewelry and clothing so I do not attract attention from street vendors or have them think I'm made out of money.  I was having trouble finding the right pair of sunglasses that will fit right, gives me the right kind of comfort (especially in the heat), and is casual-looking enough.  I bought these and wore them around South East Asia with no problem.  No one wanted to charge me extra from thinking I have more money in my pockets.  I even left them accidentally at a cafe once, and upon my return to retrieve them, they were handed over to the waitress by another customer.       


I am also a camper and a hiker, but I really do not like how sporty sunglasses usually look on me.  I definitely do not like how they are plastic, even if it is “good” plastic.  However, I have found that other sunglasses usually breaks or gets scratched really easily in the woods.  And actually, it does look kind of silly to have trendy fashionable sunglasses while wearing hiking boots and quick dry clothes.  These ones stay on my face even when I sweat and it doesn't look weird when I wear it with a hat.  I would hate to lose these in the water though, so with the tighter hold by the ears, I still attach a string around it just in case.

At Music Festivals 

These are actually made for festivals, with vibrant colors and wooden bans that gives off total hippy vibes.  These will protect you from the sun all day as you get your tan on, on the lawn or beach!  The wooden bans and bright lenses will help you blend in but also stand out in a large crowd.  There will definitely be someone spraying water and the only thing you'll need to worry about is how refreshing it is under the heat.  These wooden glasses are waterproof so the wood will never mold.  

Well, these are all the amazing things I love doing when the weather's hot enough and I would never leave home without my WildWood EyeWear!