Wテ傍ZEL Clothing

As a man, how often do you find yourself staring at the wardrobe and having no idea what to wear? According to The Telegraph, a study by British fashion retailer Matalan in 2009 found that women spend on average from 14 to 16 minutes every morning deciding what to wear. Despite wasting much less time choosing what to put on for the day, men often find it harder than women to buy clothes that are both stylish and comfortable. The latest designs by Wötzel, a chic and feel-good clothing brand, have arrived to help men solve this problem easily. 

Simplicity is always on trend.

You might have noticed that the iconic Steve Jobs and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg have one thing in common: They always wear one consistent style of clothes in public. People are familiar with Steve Jobs in his black turtleneck shirt and blue jeans, whereas Mark Zuckerberg’s grey hoodies and tees are the kind of fashion he has long followed. The reason these two successful men select only one consistent style for themselves is that simplicity allows them to spend time on other things while still looking trendy all the time.

Wötzel has the same mindset about how simplicity is key in this ever-changing fashionable world. While others run after fashion fads that come and go every month, simple designs never become outdated. Those who opt for the basic styles also let their personality take center stage rather than altering their images with what they happen to wear that day.

The quality that says it all.

On average, men look for quality in the clothing they buy more often than women do. With this in mind, Wötzel aims to ensure that beside stylish looks, its fashion items are also made of high-quality fabrics that stand the test of time in wearability and durability. The two items below from Wötzel’s latest designs can make you love at first sight with both their look and feel. 

An outstanding example of the go-to for everyone, Wötzel’s Classic Ö Hoodie Sweatshirt screams out loud with a striking reddish orange color. Made with 50% cotton and 50% polyester and carefully sewn with double-needle stitching throughout, this cozy sweatshirt is both soft and smooth to curl up in and cozy to put on when the weather gets cold.  

Wötzel’s black T-shirt is also a notable item. Its classic design with the black color and the mini Wötzel logo on the left makes the T-shirt hardly boring at all. Produced from materials that are flexible enough to stretch with your body’s movements while still maintaining its shapes, this item should be on every man’s essential list for an active day outside. 

Be basically YOU with Wötzel!

Looking chic and feeling comfy are the essential qualities everyman looks for in a fashion item. Understanding this insight, Wötzel is the answer to men’s fashion dilemmas every morning. With Wötzel’s comfortably simplistic clothing, you are now free to express yourself in all occasions while staying trendy all the time.