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We are looking for people interested in Fashion & Style to join our team of freelance writers and social media marketers. You don't need any experience, you will receive professional training, and you can start working within a few days.

No experience necessary, full training & support for beginners!

Fashion & Style Writers


1000 Words
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Payment via Paypal on Fridays.
Work from anywhere, anytime.
Become a published writer
Start a career as a freelance writer.

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As soon as you start training you will be able to write your first job, which will be published on our site and linked to the blog you are building as part of your training. When an article is published on our website - it is syndicated automatically to our social media channels. Your article will be seen and read - by hundreds or even thousands of people.

Launch your freelance career on this amazing platform...

Work Online, Start Tomorrow!

Our Writers Get Recognized!

We don't take credit for your work! We give all of our writers a full by-line and a link to their own website, so that any interested parties can see more of your writing and contact you directly.

Full writer profile and link on every article...

Our Writers Get Recognized!

Free Professional Training...

All writers receive a full professional training course with Writers Academy which will cover the essential skills you need to be a professional freelance writer.

+ Build your own Professional Blog

+ Social Media Marketing

+ Google Search Engine Marketing

+ Paid Commissions and Advertising

+ Paid Sponsored Posts

+ Joining Freelancer Agencies & Getting Hired

Learn Wordpress, Social Media, Marketing, SEO, PPC & more...

Are you ready?

If you're dreaming of a career where you can work online, with almost unlimited earning potential - start learning web publishing skills and make money in the process by becoming a freelance writer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Without boring you with specifics we have tried to address the most common questions we receive from writers when they are thinking of joining our team. Check out the list and if your question isnt answered just send us a message

Click here to ask a question if it's not answered below...

Wait... is this a scam?

Well - do you really want to be a writer? If the answer is yes, then this is not a scam. But if you are signing up because you expect to make money without being accountable for your performance, then please dont sign up!

Make minimal effort and you wont last long. Thats how life is!

We are offering an opportunity, we are not promising success.

Why do I need to login with Social Media?

For security we need to make sure our writers are 'real people' and not just fake email accounts. When you login with social media we don't need to create or store new passwords which also means better security for you - and we only access your public profile and email address (we need this data to review your application).

Better security

Better security : We let the social media handle your passwords so we dont have to.

Do I need experience or training?

No, you do not need any experience and you will be given plenty of resources to learn any skills you need. The training is free, but you will need your own domain name & webhosting in order to participate.

No, beginners are welcome - the training is free.

Can people from overseas apply?

Yes, our management team is based in Australia - but you can be from any country in the world. For information about how to pay taxes, please consult an accountant in your country.

Anyone can apply, your nationality does not matter.

My English isn't perfect, can I apply?

You need to write for us in English, but it doesn't need to be perfect. We will help you install a tool that will fix your English grammar and spelling while you write.

You can use the grammarly application to correct your english while you write.

Can I write anonymously?

Yes - after you apply you will be asked to provide a 'display name' which will be used whenever your name is shown publicly, you can write under a 'pseudonym' or nickname that is not your real name.

Yes you can.

Who owns my work?

As a freelancer, you retain legal copyright on your work. We are merely licensing it to publish on our website.

You own your work.

How do I write the articles?

You will use a modified version of the Wordpress Post editor. The topics usually require minimal research so our writers can easily produce an article in less than one hour.

You will use a Wordpress based editor.

What if my article isn't approved?

When you submit your article, it will be reviewed by our team. If there are any problems you can edit the article again.

You can fix the mistakes and resubmit.

How and when do I get paid?

All payments are sent via PayPal on Friday at ~6pm Australian Eastern time (UTC+10)

We send payments every Friday.

What if I dont have PayPal?

Right now we only use paypal - but we are in the process of adding TransferWise as a payment option. It has lower fees and better currency conversion.


Want to join?

If you're dreaming of a career where you can work online, with almost unlimited earning potential - start learning web publishing skills and make money in the process by becoming a freelance writer.

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What happens after signup?

Once your application is approved and you setup your portfolio you will have access to paid work, extensive training and a marketplace to advertise yourself as a freelancer. The signup and onboarding process is outlined below.

Your profile will be visible on Writers Agency for clients to hire you.
What happens after signup?

Create your Profile

After you signup using a social media account, we will ask for some additional information. This will be used to create a profile on our system for us to review when jobs are being allocated.

Your profile will be visible at the bottom of your articles, and on a profile page.


Link to your Blog

As you can see on style.plus - we give all of our writers a full by-line, profile and even a link to your personal website. If you already have a blog that meets the criteria you can use that - otherwise we provide detailed instructions on how to setup a blog and extensive training on developing it into a professional portfolio.

Your website can be used to develop your skills and showcase your work to clients.


Writing, Payment & Publishing ($40)

Your first writing job will be available as soon as your blog is approved. If you are a beginner, your blog doesn't even need content to get approved - you can build it as you follow the training. Your articles will be written using a modified version of the Wordpress CMS and you will be given detailed instructions for technical and general aspects of writing website content.

At the bottom of your articles, we will add your biography, profile and a link to your personal blog / portfolio. This helps both of us, as it means your articles will become a vehicle for you to promote yourself as a writer, and we also benefit from the extra marketing and sharing effort your articles receive.

Every article will feature your author profile, and a link to your website.


Build Your Portfolio, Training and Skills

Once your article is published, you will be given further training to develop your skills and your blog in order to get more work from the same, or other client via the writers agency system.

Our training will help you develop into a professional content marketer.


Bonus Jobs & Exclusives

As well as learning how to monetize their writing we give our members access to exclusive offers, partner programs and earning opportunities. If you find that you enjoy marketing, social media, or seo more than just writing you can earn extra money without having to write any articles!

Our writers also have access to exclusive marketing offers and bonuses.

Lets do it!

If you're dreaming of a career where you can work online, with almost unlimited earning potential - start learning web publishing skills and make money in the process by becoming a freelance writer.

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